Deepening Sino-German Cooperation to Forge a New Paradigm of Internationalization in Vocational Education with 'Two-way' Integration — The Launch of QTC's Overseas Teaching Base in Germany -english


Deepening Sino-German Cooperation to Forge a New Paradigm of Internationalization in Vocational Education with 'Two-way' Integration — The Launch of QTC's Overseas Teaching Base in Germany
2023-10-13 09:40  


Visit to FHM Berlin Campus in Germany and Holding Discussions


QTC Establishes "Chinese + Vocational Skills" Overseas Teaching Base


Qiu Haoran, Dean of the School of Business, Delivers a Lecture on "Confucian Business Spirit and Contemporary E-commerce" at the Overseas Teaching Base and Interacts with Students


Engaging Conversation with Professors from FHM Berlin Campus

图5.Torsten Fischer校长介绍他最近正在研读《习近平谈治国理政》第二卷 

President Torsten Fischer and Secretary Wang Jinsheng communicate "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China Volume II"



Meetings with IHK Leipzig to Discuss Cooperation on IHK Vocational Qualifications


In-Depth Discussions with Professors from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)

图8. 在比勒费尔德中等企业应用技术大学比勒费尔德校区与校长及相关项目负责人进行交流 

Engagement with the President and Relevant Project Leaders at the Bilfenfeld Campus of FHM

图9. 向 Anne Dreier校长赠送具有青岛特色的精选纪念品 

Presentation of Qingdao-themed Souvenirs to President Anne Dreier



Visit to the Bilfenfeld Campus of FHM


From September 18th to 20th, a delegation led by Wang Jinsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee, Qingdao Technical College (QTC), along with representatives from the International Office, School of Business, School of Arts, and Haier School (School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), visited Germany. During this visit, QTC officially established the "Qingdao Technical College 'Chinese + Vocational Skills'" overseas teaching base in Bielefeld FHM (Fachhochschule des Mittelstandes). Also, in partnership with the German Leipzig Chamber of Commerce (IHK Leipzig), QTC introduced the IHK (Industrie Handel skammer) vocational qualification certificate, to promote the implementation of teacher mutual employment mechanism, and to actively explore a new paradigm of internationalization in vocational education, combining the concepts of "going out" and "inviting in."

At FHM, both parties negotiated on the operation of the Tsingde College, the arrangements for German professional teachers, cooperation in running programs related to logistics management, clothing and fashion design, project applications, the introduction of German curriculum standards, and collaborative development of programs. An agreement was reached regarding the mutual exchange and recruitment of teaching staff. Qiu Haoran, the Dean of School of Business, QTC, delivered a lecture on "Exploration and Practice of the Integration Path of Industry-Education Collaboration in the Digital Economic Era" at the overseas teaching base.

At IHK Leipzig, discussions were held on topics of the introduction of IHK vocational qualification certificate training and certification system, teacher training, student certification, and other matters. This visit holds significant importance for international accreditation of QTC's faculty and students, the international teacher training, and the establishment of an international vocational qualification certificate accreditation system in vocational education.

The establishment of the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" overseas teaching base by QTC signifies a milestone in QTC's efforts to export vocational education overseas, transitioning from "inviting in" to "going out." This endeavor adds a new dimension to the dissemination of the "QTC Experience" by establishing an overseas teaching base in Germany, a country with a well-developed vocational education system.


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